Sunday, April 18, 2010

My mouth open damn big

The old lady in the video is the contestant in Britans got talent in 2010 named Susan Boyle.

Firstly, I've watched the video more than 10 times and I will open my mouth and raise up my eye brown automatically whenever she starts singing.

I am touched when I watches this video everytime.

By looking at her profile, she's an unemployed 47 age old lady.

By looking in this video clip, I felt that everyone is againts her when she step on the stage and everyone wants to see what funny things that she will do while she is singing.

However, she shows her increadible voices to the public and at last, everybody supports her!

I am touch because by looking into her eye, I feel lonelyness in her. I feel that she is a lady that are lonely that stays on her own and nobody is supporting her. And end up when she get a big big clap from the audience, I see happiness in her eye. That's what she wants and dreamed of!

But afterall she is a confident and potential old lady that are able to show up her talent in the TV which I guess that no people will have the courage to show up their potential like her even they have their potential but they always not confident about themselves.

Some noises from the heart might say, why I need to show? People sure will laugh at me one.

Some noises from the heart might say, hey! she is an old lady la but I am a teenager. She have nothing to lose but I got.

Some noises from the heart might say, thats not my style standing infront infront of the crowd.

However, no matter what reason the noises give, the fact is they will not show out but keep finding excuse for themselves to make them feel better.

Some noises from the heart might say, ya i am scared, ya i am a coward, so what??

They are just finding excuse to cover and don't even take the motivation to change it. And their life will still remain the same. You have a poor life, then you are poor forever; You have a fucked up life, then you'll fucked up forever.

Everyone have a dream since they are young but end up when time goes by, when they meet some obstacle, seeing people fail time to time, they will think forget what they want from the very beginning starting.

And the worst part is they will always find excuse to deny it. As it only will be known by themselves only.

Some might say, different people have different perspective of seeing an object.

It's true but come to think of it, it is the excuse they give to cover their disabality? Be honest to yourself since they are nobody know about that they are thinking right now.

Peeps imagine that the old lady didn't stand up on the stage that day. What is she doing now? And what is she thinking now??

She is able to success today because she is willing to face the obstacle herself! And when she decided to do that, she is the winner! Even if she fails, she is still the winner!

Unlike people that stop trying and fuck everything up because of, "THEY DON'T KNOW" but they always said that "THEY DON'T WANT".

Isn't it FUNNY & SAD???????

By the way I feel quite helpless to myself after i watched this video clip. I don't even dare to face myself. And how I am able to face other people?

Changes need to be made if not I will be like that forever.


Wednesday, March 10, 2010










Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Crazy Idea

I was looking on the Map of Malaysia just now to prepare my schedule to Pahang around next week.

Suddenly I have a "Crazy" intention.

How about traveling without any plans??

Meaning that......


Within a specific state,

With a limited time,

Without a specific routine,

Without plans,

Just look at the map and go,

To clear every single area in the state.


Q: How about the accommodations and food?
A: How I know? See that time at where only decide lo...

Q: Transportation?
A: Car and maybe a bit of ferry. Helicopter and Kapal Terbang prepare yourself.

Q: Har?? No plan?? Then what is the activity??
A: Find yourself. You like to take picture then take, want to find food then find, want to sleep then sleep, want to open window and shout then shout (T&C applied).

Q: Will boring or not wor? Later what also nothing how?
A: How i know??? diu

Q: Who is going??
A: Refer to the previous answer.

Q: You crazy ar?

Q: Working until siao d?
A: Refer to the previous answer.

Q: Lei Mou Chin Tou la!
A: _|_ This one question meh??

Saturday, January 16, 2010

New year resolution lo~~~

It seems that it's a bit late to write the resolution here.

Sorry for leaving my blog so deadly because I was damn busy nowadays. Started to work as a merchandiser of an online game company and i receive the same question and end up I gave them the same answer.

Q: What is your job scope?? / Do what de??? / What is merchandiser??

A: LONG GAI!!!!!


It is a very challenging job for me since it requires me to travel all the time, FINDING ROADS (kanasai my weakness) and managing events. It's not the simple simple event but it need to stated the budget, the proposal to the boss and bla bla bla bla...

Cut the crap~~~

Well, here is my resolution for the year 2010!

1) Get more money
2) Play more
3) Study more

LOLX I guess this is very simple but I just couldn't think of anymore for example a new camera, new hand phone.

I can get all those if I had more money isn't it?

Monday, January 4, 2010


Saturday, December 12, 2009

Dec 6th

“当人一旦起了贪念, 就是一无所有的开始”

“你几时看过 uncle lim 在赌场赌钱”




如果不是那时候的贪, 就不会搞到如此地步

当做买次教训, 最后一次


Thursday, November 26, 2009

Fucking Accounting 2

I've changed my mind....

I don't wanna withdraw even until the very last minute...

So I used 4 days to master all the question in the final exam...

From 0%, which means I know nothing about that subject from lecture 1 to lecture 12 before that...

And I done it..... In 4 days..... 12 weeks work man....

I need to get at least 80/100 in my final exam to pass this subject because I get 0% for my assessment.

I am pretty sure that I can do well in my final. But 80/100 seems impossible.... Somemore is accounting... Not normal accounting but is degree 2nd year subject....


If I failed my exam because I don't know how to do it. Its ok... But this time... I know how to do!!! I will fail this subject with high carrying marks in my final, opps... just not high enough... DAMN PISS!!!!